Presence Based Community
How to BE the Church instead of going to church!
Jon Quesenberry is a Christian pastor, church planter and Director of the Charlottesville House of Prayer. He began planting churches nearly 25 years ago and after planting his first church, Jon experienced a deep and personal spiritual crisis. He resigned from ministry in 2012 and spent nearly 2 years seeking God in prayer, study of the Bible and revival history. During this time, he and his wife, Carol planted the Charlottesville House of Prayer. During the past five years, Jon and Carol have been involved in building a unique Christian community in Charlottesville, Virginia. This Christian community is pioneering the New Testament principles in this book to experience the presence of God and to reveal His presence in love to one another and the world. Instead of GOING to church this group of believers is committed to BEING the church! 
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What Is A "Presence-Based Community”?
Presence Based Community is not just another church growth strategy...
  • This book is NOT another church growth program - or even how to attract more people to your church. In this book, you will discover the original principles that enabled the early church to live in purpose and power - a life-giving community that experienced transformation and transformed the world around them.
  • This book is NOT a program to add to your church schedule. Presence Based Community is radical and a biblical reordering of Christian focus and priorities. Instead of a being a better church, you will be presented with principles for becoming a presence-based community!
This book IS about how to attract God to your meetings… and how to give God a primary place in every aspect of church life. Cutting across all the gimmicks and church growth ideas, the principles and practices taught and demonstrated by Jesus are re-examined to reveal a simple and biblical path for BEING the church. Instead of GOING to church you will discover the biblical principles for 
being a Presence-Based Community!

The principles and practices that allowed the first century church to overcome 
all obstacles and transform the world around them.
 A Presence Based Community is...
The Original Plan of God.
God’s plan from the beginning was and is to live among His people! Starting in the Garden of Eden, God chose to live in face to face communion with Adam and Eve. In the old covenant, God lived among the people of God and led them in the wilderness by a pillar of fire and cloud into the Promised Land. In the new covenant, Jesus enabled the church to live in communion with the Spirit of God. This early church transformed the world because it’s love for God and one another.
The sad truth...
Although being present among His people is on God’s agenda, 2:3 Christians today, report that they “feel distant” from God, and even though, Jesus promised that the presence of God would “guide [his followers] into all truth,” 3:4, believers admit that they have trouble hearing His voice. 

If God has promised to live in and among his people, then why isn’t the church of Jesus thriving? Why does attendance continue to dwindle - even among those who say that they are “born-again?” Instead of being dynamic life-giving communities that love and serve each other and the world, most churches have become a 70-minute long, once a week meeting!  

Has God failed to deliver on His promises? Or could it be that the church has failed to make room for encounter with God?
What is a "Presence Based Community" about?
Presence-based community is a blueprint for Christian community revealed in the life and teachings of Jesus and the Bible. It is a rediscovery of the principles and practices that enabled the first century believers to walk in love toward one another and properly love God with all of their heart, soul, mind and strength. Ancient practices of yieldedness to (gellassenheit) and intimacy with God are retraced. In essence, the way to love God according to the great commandment, with all heart, soul, mind and strength is given vital expression so that the church can once again be the body of Christ; the living breathing expression of God on the earth!
Presence Based Community is a 
Presence Based community is a way to re-boot your church. The principles presented are designed to deactivate the consumer culture (robbing the church of purpose and power) in order to bring the church into its God-given power and authority. A Presence based community gathers with different goals and practices. Instead of continuous input, believers gather to hear and encounter God in worship and prayer. Instead of gathering to receive, a presence based community gathers as the new covenant priesthood to minister to the Lord in worship and to encounter Him as they wait and prayerfully encounter God in His word. The goal is to love God with all heart, soul mind and strength and to love and minister to others OUT OF His presence to reveal His glory to the world.
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Inside This FREE Book ... Here's What You'll Learn:
  • The “Gateway Principle” an overlooked Biblical principle that is necessary for encounter with God and presence-based community
  • Four practices that build and define a Presence Based community
  • 28 Biblical characteristics that define Christian community life
  • Church leadership in a Presence Based Community
  • The “Four Devotions” of a Presence Based Community
  • Foundational practices for hosting the presence of God in your meetings
  • How to partner with God to see His kingdom come and His will to be done on the earth
  • The "Priesthood Ministry" - ministering to the Lord as a primary occupation
  • How to “make room” for the presence of God in your meetings
  • The “Wineskin principle” for developing church structure
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There Is No Catch!
I’ve been in Christian Ministry since 1997. I’ve seen a lot of church growth schemes! Most of them are about attracting people to your church. This book is different! Presence Based Community is about attracting the presence of God! When God is welcome in your church, you don’t have to worry about people showing up! When the presence of God is in the meeting, everything changes! Church is not boring! Believers are transformed! (That is why I want to get a copy in your hands so you can read it.)

I want you to experience what we are experiencing here!

​ As you know, the church in America is in trouble! Even before the pandemic of 2020 church attendance was in serious decline. I believe that we are in a period of time where God is refining His church. (I explain this in detail in the introduction of my book.) I believe that the days ahead of us are going to be wonderful, but the church must be transformed from a weekly meeting into a community of people who are present to God, present to one another, and to the world. I believe that a SECOND REFORMATION is underway. The orientation of the church must change from being comfortable for people to being comfortable to God; A Presence-Based Community!
This NEW “Presence Based Community" Book is my way of stewarding these principles that create real Christian community. I want to see God do what He has been doing here all over the world!  
(Especially now, when meeting is most difficult.)
"Mega church leaders may not agree with what’s inside this book…"
These principles are not for making your church “an inch deep and mile wide” (shallow with a lot of people). The principles and practices in this book are for authentic community, a group that is based on relationship.  
Real relationship with God and real relationship with others. 
Authentic community means organic growth; a church that is both “deep and wide.” 
Being an authentic Christian community is what counts!
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